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The following is an alphabetical list of the DNP Scholarly projects completed by RMUoHP students. The physical copies can be viewed at the Learning Resource Center on the RMUoHP campus.

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Jacquelyn Alexander
Implementation and Evaluation of a Screening Tool for Early Delirium Detection

Toni Brown
Implementation of Early Mobilization of Mechanically Ventilated Patients in the ICU

Kindra Backman Celani
Implementation of Multidisciplinary Patient Heart Failure Education

Evanna C. Burkett
Assessing Medication Adherence in Patients with a Diagnosis of Depression Utilizing the Ask 20 Barrier Adherence Survey

Kristen A. Chou
Education on Safe Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for Acute and Chronic Pain in an Acute Care Setting

Michael Roy D. De Jesus
Streamlining the Process of Physical Activity Assessment and the Associated Physical Activity Prescriptions, Consults, and Education in the Primary Care Setting

Georgette M. Ebuh
Implementation of Text Message Appointment Reminder System to Reduce Missed Healthcare Appointment at Outpatient Clinic

Ifeoma Ezebuilo-Ukachukwu
Improving Nurse-Provider Communication

Carlos Fuentes
Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance in a Psychiatric Extended Observation Unit Facility

Vivian Danita Jones
An Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Approach to Compassion Fatigue in Critical Care Nurses

Henrietta Oby Okpala
Implementation of the Geriatric Depression Scale in a Clinic

Esther Ogechi Peter
Postpartum Depression Screening Program

Thomas Peterson
Evaluation of Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explain, and Thank You Communication Strategy

Kelsie Montgomery
Reducing Transfer Times of Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit From the Emergency Department

Kelly Mason Walker
Assessment of Celiac Disease in Primary Care

Carly Jane Wells
Nursing Documentation While Emphasizing the Importance of Comprehensive Charting on the Removal of Intravascular Devices: A Quality Improvement DNP Project


Maggie Allen 
Evaluating the effectiveness of HPV education to nursing staff

Holly Buckley
Evaluation of perceived change of health-related quality of life among women attending a midlife women’s clinic

Melissa Cooley
Improving follow-up adherence rates by reliably capturing surgical candidates in the bariatric patient

Ashley Creasy
ADHD teacher rating scale: Better understanding

Michele Devita
Using evidenced based practice to train nursing students

Chikodiri Gibson 
Reducing aggression using environmental-centered care in an acute adult inpatient psychiatric unit

Ginger Jendro 
Enhancing evidence based practice competencies of advanced practice nurses through an educational series and online journal club

Jennifer King
Evaluating effectiveness of provider education in implementing dietary counseling with at-risk pediatric patients in rural Oregon

Rebecca Ann Leggett
Integration of Oral Health Assessments into the Primary Care Practice Setting

Rachel L. Leier
Evaluating Effectiveness of Provider Education in the Management of Upper Respiratory Complaints

Briana O’Donnell 
Implementing a culture of safety: Utilization of the GRASP-ED protocol

Ashley Roberts 
Implementation of evidence based practice education to enhance hand hygiene compliance

Sheila Russon 
Implementation of a school suicide prevention program

Jennette Watts 
Evaluation of an implementation of a formal patient education process for an aesthetic medicine practice

Stephanie Winfrey 
Implementing Clinical Practice Guidelines for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease


Melissa Cleveland
Nursing clinical skills boot camp evaluation

Robert Flores
Evaluation of a nurse manager orientation program

Tommie James
Increasing RN comprehensive examination scores with continuity in nursing education

Alice Langdon
Implementation of a weight reduction protocol for psychiatric patients in a primary care clinic

Laura Lowe
Program evaluation of implementing follow-up calls to reduce 30 day readmissions

Beverly Nedd
Closing the gap: Integrating mental health and primary care in a psychiatric community setting

Bonita Sue Pyler
Operation metro life – Implementation of a disaster response exercise

Mimi Secor
Closing the knowledge gap: An educational module on vulvovaginal atrophy for recently graduated nurse practitioners

Barbara Spencer
Evaluating effectiveness of pain management education for hospice nurses

Donna Stewart
Nursing’s future is strengthened by formal leadership development


Ebunoluwa O. Abimbola
Evaluation and implementation of psychopharmacology clinical practice guidelines for borderline personality disorder

Deborah Ackman
Improving patient care through effective communication and conflict resolution

Helen Bemis
Development of an e-mentoring orientation program

Loretta Ann Bostic
Implementation of substance abuse prevention education

Laurel Bradshaw
Beyond professional practice: Teaching nursing students to care

Bevra S. Brinkman
Prevention of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers

Harriet E. Cadle
Using clinical practice guidelines to improve diabetes mellitus care

Daphne Daniels
Improving the nursing profession: Implementation of a nurse-mentoring program

Anthony Delosreyes
Impact of an established online module on nursing students’ perceptions on incivility

Darrell Elkin
Effectiveness of an educational program for clinican’s on adherence of type II diabetics and patient-provider communication

Lori Fritz
Evolution to EBP: A journal club initiative

Orelia Herrera-Erdem
Promoting grading consistency of nursing care plans

Loretta Mayer
Impacting multiple sclerosis: personal trainer fitness program

Shauna McCarthy
Preventing falls in long term care: An educational nursing intervention

Faye McPhoy
Compliance with a recommended guideline for clinical management of prehypertension in an acute psychiatric setting: A retrospective study

Fritzner Montalmant
A provider educational intervention to improve psychiatric advance directives completion rate

Stephanie Nagai
Assessing nursing students’ perceptions of Jeopardy!® game teaching method

Charles Nyarunda
Impact of Hendrich II fall risk assessment tool initative on nurses’ perception of fall prevention

Chitra Sharifian
RN-to-RN peer review: Implementing peer-to-peer feedback

Petsy Smith
Implementation of a diabetes education protocol in patients with chronic mental illness and diabetes mellitus

Alicia Tegan
Impact of an education module on nursing staff perceptions on bedside reporting


Titilola Abiodun-Adelokiki
Intervention to improve colorectal cancer screening rates in primary care

Jasmine Barber
Targeting childhood obesity and cardiovascular health

Lyn M. Behnke
Screening for vitamin D deficiency in older adults living in long term care

Travonia Davis
Educating clinicians on the accurate use of the palliative performance scale

Emina Foci
Perinatal depression screening program
Sabrina Friedman
Implementation of support group services in the management of bariatric weight loss

Aurora F. Gumamit
Simulations in the management of obstretric emergencies

Darene A. Hall
Implementation of a screening tool to determine eligibility for thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke management in the emergency department

Milagritos Jessica Harding-Omar
Palliative care in the elderly: A guide for clinician education

Amy Herrington
Nutritional screening in geriatric patient undergoing total joint replacement

Janet Knisley
Closing the gap in evidence-based practice in seventh semester nursing students

Johnson A Komolafe
Implementation of the risk for suicide questionnaire in the primary care setting to identify adolescent at risk for suicide: A practice change

Jatu Lavelah-Travers
Improving nursing practice: Using the mini mental state examination and confusion assessment method screening tools for mental status assessment

Henry E. Moscicki
Increasing access to health care through faith-based hypertension screening

Claudia Skinner
Implementing the POLST as a method of communicating end-of-life wishes

Daniel Evans Smith
Educational intervention to implement the COG guidelines

Karla Smith-Lucas
Targeting adult obesity in primary care

Edward Sutliffe
Implementation of the body mass index as a tool for obesity assessment

Michael L. Willis
Evaluating pressure ulcer prevention in the emergency department


Rebecca Abuor
Incorporating parental training into care of children with oppositional defiant disorder

Kevin Ballard
Evaluation of occupational medicine program

Lauriann Broad
A medical outreach team for homeless veterans

Kelly Conway
Evaluation of implementation of regional coordinators

Patricia Cumbee
Implementing an evidence-base system change for timely referrals to a chronic kidney disease clinic

Patricia Dean
Implementing and evaluating adherence to clinical practice guideline (CPG) for reproductive life planning and folic acid use

Oliva Delossantos
Development of a health promotion program for Filipino Americans

Karen Durant
Implementation of testosterone replacement guidelines

Shieghetha L. Edwards
Implementation of a guideline to improve appropriate antibiotic use

Charles A. Frisch
An algorithm for femoral nerve blocks for patients presenting to the emergency department with fractured femurs

Kathryn Kamperman
Implementation of an education program for patients undergoing breast reconstruction.

Julio Lujano
Incorporating a published tool to standardize sex education in the pediatric primary care setting

Seyed-Hassan Nazirpour-Caloor
Promoting primary care provider confidence in differential diagnosis of bipolar disorder and use of mood disorder questionnaire

Maricca Niemiec
Implementing a protocol change: How nurse practitioners screen for childhood obesity

Vicky L. O’Neil
Implementation of grading rubric to enhance consistency in grading concept maps

Peggy Ostrander
Weight maintenance using internet technology

Rebekah Powers
Implementation of interventions to decrease interruptions and distractions during medication administration

Lucille Raia
Implementing the reflective narrative

Sherri Robertson
Resistant staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) awareness before and after a CA-MRSA teaching intervention


Susan M. Achen
Nurse practitioner recognition and response regarding domestic violence: An interventional project

Penny Attaway
Inserting the hormonal intrauterine device in nulliparous women: A practice change

Noreen Borino
Implementation of a train the trainer program for diabetes education

Sherry Brown
Creating organizational change by implementing a pain resource nurse program

Jacquenette Chambers-McBride
Sepsis: Utilizing evidence based practice to prevent failure to rescue

Jacqueline R. Clayton
Implementation of self-testing of the international normalized ratio

Urana Commet
An evidence-based approach to implement a standardized heart failure discharge protocol

Vern Commet
The implementation of the Oswestry disability index in an outpatient pain relief institute

Amy S. Deutsch
Chemotherapy DVD: Effects on anxiety and depression in people newly diagnosed with cancer

Kathryn Doyle
Evaluation of Implemented Group Visits with a Self-Management tool for Patients with Pre-Diabetes

Patience O. Ekeocha
Implementation of Asthma Treatment Guidelines: An Evidence-Based Practice for Clinicians

Sharon L. Falke
Implementation of a Standardized Protocol for the identification and Treatment of Hospitalized Patients at Risk for Venous Thromboembolism

Chris S. Fox
Implementing an evidence-based system change into the anesthesia protocol for the management of postoperative nausea and vomiting

Cherise M. Francis-Windle
Implementation of clinical practice guideline for detection of depression in older adults with dementia at a long-term care facility

Wonedwossen A. Goshu
Implementation of the use of a timeout checklist in non-operating room settings

Kimberly E. Hathcock
Advanced practice nursing attitudes about executive cognitive impairment and knowledge regarding dementias of the frontal lobe, type 2

Mari Hunter
Fostering telemedicine adoption: An interventional application of the technology acceptance model

Melinda Jacobs
An interventional application of the technology acceptance model

Terrie Keene
Initiation of evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of exacerbation of asthma in a rural convenient care setting

Miranda L. Kelly
Improving nutritional status: Clinician adherence to an evidence-based enteral nutrition protocol

Robyn A. Levy
An evidence based practice change toward attainment of colorectal cancer screening

Annie Mathew
A teaching intervention on concept maps to increase the critical thinking skills among undergraduate nursing students

Teresa A. McDonald
The implementation of group office visits for the management of diabetes mellitus

Bambi McQuade-Jones
Implementing a standard protocol for breast cancer prevention

Karen S. Moore
Implementing evidence based practice principles of diabetes care for commercial motor vehicle operators

Patsi Nystrom
Effect of implementing a reminder system intervention for type 2 diabetes mellitus patients

Deborah Bryant O’Nan
Pain management in the acute care setting

Arlette Paul
Initiation of a call system for pain clinic

Alberta Peters-Herron
Awareness of HPV, cervical cancer and HPV vaccine among U.S. nurse practitioners

Teri W. Scott
Implementation of quality and performance evaluations in managers of operations in a retail health care setting

Elizabeth Stumpf
An evidence-based practice guideline for the recognition of malnutrition in elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Rhigel A. Tan
A teaching intervention to improve the self-efficacy of internationally educated nurses

Christine Taylor
Identifying trends in serum glucose levels during the first twenty-four hours after coronary artery bypass grafting surgery

Jonathan Vrban
Nurse practitioner skills acquisition in musculoskeletal evaluation: An evidence based practice project for employee health

Douglas O. Wakhu
Introduction of simulation technology using medium-fidelity simulator at a school of nursing in an African country


Gloria J. Acosta
Implementation of an evidence-based formal preoperative education program for cardiac surgery patients

Jackie Lea Alexander
Ankle-brachial index: Implementation of evidence-based chronic disease management

Valerie Ballard
Improving access to care for patients with limited English proficiency

William John Craig
Percutaneous nerve stimulation for the performance and education of peripheral nerve block administration

Thomas J. Evans
Aromatherapy for postoperative nausea and vomiting, attitudes, knowledge, and practice patterns of perianesthesia nurses before and after an educational intervention

Cathy Fliris
Implementation of a disease management program to enhance self-care behaviors for rural adults with heart failure

Linda Gibson
Remediation for at-risk nursing students

Deborah Hanks
Implementation of a mentoring program for graduate nurse practitioners newly hired within a community health center to increase job satisfaction and decrease turnover

Nicole Hooper
An evidence-based service for parents: An educational intervention within the newborns’ first week of life

Betty J. Jordan-Marshall
A multidisciplinary approach for decreasing the prevalence of childhood obesity

Milly Joseph
Implementation of strategies within a diabetes guideline to improve A1c testing

Scott Kauffman
Facilitating practice guideline implementation through an evidence based practice education intervention to promote the use of the bougie intubation introducer

Barbara C. Lundemo
Attitude and knowledge of health care practitioners concerning chronic low back pain

Angela McConachie
An EBP Educational Project: Identifying Barriers and Behavior Change

Vicki Lynn McIntyre
Improving identification and management of patients with Hepatitis C by increasing awareness through educational intervention

Allison Mowery
Impact of nurse practitioner managed heart failure clinic

Carrie C. Ogilvie
Integrating palliative care in the intensive care unit: An evidence based practice change

Becky L. Parrish
Attitudes toward menopause in a faith-based community: An interventional study

Anthony Pecora
Laboring epidural hydration and its effects on LATCH scores

Linda Radford-Goad
Telehealth and low back pain

Kathryn Reveles
Reducing obesity at a local charter school

John Schmaling
Quality of life for individuals enrolled in heart failure telemonitoring

Diane Seago
Advanced practice nursing knowledge regarding the use of trigger point injections in primary care management of myofascial pain

Judy Snow
A collaborative, interdisciplinary quality improvement project to improve weaning from mechanical ventilation

James Stimpson
Implementation and evaluation of a Glidescope® teaching demonstration

Debbie Sue Tomlinson
Implementing a clinical practice guideline on human papillomavirus immunization in a family practice clinic

Kathryn Waitman
Evaluation of evidence-based practice education and implementation of evidence-based practice standing orders in a community oncology infusion center

Marjorie Whelan
Improving patient satisfaction with a hospitalist program

Susan F. Wilkey
Early childhood caries prevention in primary care: A clinical practice change


Sabah I. Al-Marashi
Advancing primary care practitioners’ knowledge in the management of the diabetic patient with hypertension and/or hyperlipidemia: An application of evidence-based practice algorithms

Beatriz G. Bautista
Advanced practice nurse assessment and management of childhood obesity in primary care

Barbara Berg
Graduate nursing student satisfaction with instructor student interaction in an online practicum class before and after addition of audio-visual feedback

Sally A. Bird
Buddy support and diabetic self-care adherence: An evidence-based perspective

Teresa Sallas Bruney
Billing and coding knowledge, confidence, and performance among primary care healthcare providers

Chad D. Collom
Nurse practitioner knowledge regarding adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): An evidence-based intervention

Nadia R. Emerick
Level of emotional intelligence among advanced practice nurses: An interventional design for the clinical practice setting

Joseph J. Helminiak
Advanced practice nursing attitudes toward complementary and alternative therapies and Valeriana

Mary J. Lamb
Critical thinking dispositions and skills in Chinese nurses before and after a critical thinking educational intervention

Tirsa Carolina Quartullo
Advance practice nursing attitudes toward dermatological quality of life and phototherapy in the treatment of acne vulgaris

Caroline L. Raskiewicz
Level of knowledge and skill of nurse anesthetists before and after a selected teaching intervention with the fiberoptic bronchoscope for intubation

Richard L Veal
Patient decisional conflict and informed consent: An advanced practice nursing perspective


Nancy Downey
Client satisfaction with nurse practitioner delivery of care following a skilled intervention

Diana L. Galler
Nurse practitioner knowledge of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS): An evidence-based practice perspective

Marcia A. Gilbert
Diagnostic reasoning skills and accuracy of diagnosis in nurse practitioner students: An androgogical intervention using the hermeneutic model

Donald Harrison
Putting evidence into practice: A nurse practitioner perspective

Maria C. Kidner
The Duke Activity Status Index (DASI) in rural Rocky Mountain women: Tailoring an evidence-based perspective

Carl L. Laffoon
Perceived acute care competency: An interventional study on the seven domains of acute care nurse practitioner competencies

Marilyn D. Nishitani-Smith
Rural primary care perceptions regarding the utility of electronic health records

Dora Nomamiukor
An evidence-based practice interventional study regarding erectile dysfunction

Katherine L. Peck
Attitudes toward the use of therapy animals in the clinical setting

Lana J. Peterson
Using psychiatric service dogs for psychiatrically-disabled patients: An evidence-based intervention

Stacey Pfenning
A journal club initiative: Bringing evidence based practice to the bedside nurse

Tan Vatanadilok
Pressure ulcer prevention in long-term care: An evidence-based practice interventional study


George Albrecht
Telepsychiatric services incorporated within northwestern Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains

Isabelle T. Amann
Telephone management of heart failure patients: A nursing clinical project

Kara K. Baxter
Family presence self-awareness of clinical department head administrators: An interventional design for the acute care setting

Mary S. Celaya
Effect of a teaching intervention

Jean Chronis-Kuhn
Conflict resolution model for nursing: Intervention and instrumentation

Ogo Ezeokeke
Improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and practicality of nursing home provider progress notes: A step toward electronic medical records

Melissa Lewis Foster
Healthcare provider satisfaction with medication management after implementation of informatics

Jennifer K. Gilbow
Staff nurses and EBP: Filling the gap between evidence and practice

Janet M. Gourley
Stress and health-promoting behavior: An evidence-based intervention for integrative healthcare providers

Carol S. Hogue
Acute care staff attitudes toward animal assisted therapy before and after an AAT teaching intervention

Constance A. Morrison
Continuing legal education programming for advanced practice registered nurses: An application in New Hampshire of Green’s continuing education process

Alicia C. Pruitt
Patient flow in a hospital urgent care unit: An interventional study

Richard Rader
Improving the quality of life for people with chronic pain

Loquintha Rex
Developing a diabetes self-management education program

Broc Sanchez
Cost effectiveness and global assessment of functioning scores for Respiridone long-acting injection compared to oral Resperisone

Kathryn A. Schams
Family satisfaction with end of life care in a Midwestern Veterans Administration nursing home

Cindy Schmeltz
Nurse practitioner attitudes toward professional website hosting before and after a web-based tutorial intervention

Carol Lee Taylor
Feasibility plan for Rural Healthcare, LLC

Dorothea Dee White
Client satisfaction with perceived healthcare following a parental teaching intervention

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