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The following is a partial alphabethical list of the OTD Capstone projects completed by RMUoHP students. The physical copies can be viewed by contacting Dr. Loriann Helgeson or Dr. Melissa Sweetman.

Author Title Focus Area Project Format
Asao, W.R. Congitive Aim: Assess Improve, & Maintain Cognition for Older Persons Post-Orthopedic Surgery Geriatrics Program Proposal/ Manual
Bales, E.I. Developing Instructional Scholars: A Postdoctoral Occupational Therapy Faculty Fellowship Education Evidence-based Project
Banks, T. Active Responsive Interactions Safeguarding the Elderly (ARISE) Geriatrics Program Proposal
Bergner, J.L. Successful Students, Outstanding Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Educators: Companion Manuals for Hand Therapy Education Fieldwork Manual
Chio, C.I. OT Interventions in Mild Cognitive Impairment Geriatrics Cont. Ed Course
Chism, T. A Level II Fieldwork Maual for the Hand Therapist Upper Extremity Fieldwork Manual
Cirrincione, C. Family Routines: Optimizing Children’s Potential Pediatrics Manuscript for Publication
Czech, K. Your OT Mentor: A Web-Based Resource Pediatrics Website Design
Dale, T. S’cool Moves: A Program Proposal Pediatrics Program Proposal
Dillman, A.M. The Power of Play: An Informational Workshop for Caregivers Pediatrics Cont. Ed Course
Dobyns, K. Increasing Awareness and Acceptance of Children with Disabilities through Children’s Picture Books Pediatrics Evidence-based Project; manuscript for children’s book
Dulek, J. A Flipped Course on the Flipped Model: Introducing the Flipped Classroom to OTA Educators Education Cont. Ed Course
Dvorak, M.A. Empowering Occupational Therapy Off-Road Driving Assessments for Older Adults General Rehab Cont. Ed Course
Ehrenfried, H.L. Work, the Forgotten Occupation? General Rehab Manuscript for Publication
Escovedo, E. Bridging the Gap: Bringing Academia to the Clinic Education Cont. Ed Course
Faulkner, B.N. Fun, Accessible, and Inclusive Recess (FAIR) Play Project Pediatrics Cont. Ed Course
Fernandes, J. The Hand Therapist’s Role in Pre-and Post-Natal Care: A Health Promotion Approach Upper Extremity Program Proposal
Foster, T. Exploring Occupational Therapist Burnout: Strategies to Inspire Growth, Change, and Development Clinical Education Cont. Ed Course
Gregg, S.T. Utilizing Evidence-Based Sensory Integration Intervention and Outcome Measures for a Pediatric Clinic Pediatrics Program Proposal
Guzman, C. Routine Mapping and Family Goal Writing Pediatrics Cont. Ed Course
Hall, R. Clinical Anatomy Application: Prosections with Case Studies for Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Preparation Education Evidence-based project; educational module
Heess, C. Occupational Therapy’s Role with the Aging Oncology Population Geriatrics Cont. Ed Course
Heinz, A. Educating to Meet the Needs of Society: The Value of Coaching Training in Occupational Therapy Curricula Education Manuscript for Publication
Henton, P. Relationship-based Feeding: A Primer for Practitioners Pediatrics Cont. Ed Course
Holliday, P. Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom Pediatrics Manuscript for Publication
Hudgins, E. Occupational Therapy in the Workplace Administration/ Leadership Business Plan
Jewell, M.C. Occupation-Based Foundations in Hand Therapy Education: A Course Syllabus Education Syllabus
Johnson, M.K. The Olivia Project: Enhancing Occupational Performance in Adolescents with Mental Health Disorders Mental Health Program Proposal
Jones, J.S. Evidence-based Practice for the Occupational Therapy Assistant Education Book Chapter
Kangas, S. Driving Post-Stroke: Assessments for Return to Driving General Rehab Evidence-based Project
Kannas, S. Occupational Therapy Residency Program in Hand Therapy at Mayo Clinic, Rochester Upper Extremity Evidence-based project; residency program
Kardachi, J. Proposal to Include Occupational Therapy in Age-Friendly New York City Working Groups Geriatrics Program Proposal
Kashiwa, A.L. Occupational Therapy’s Role in the Veteran Suicide Crisis: A Call to Action General Rehab Manuscript for Publication
Kelley, K. The Use of Simulation in Occupational Therapy Assistant Education to Enhance Learning Education Evidence-based project; educational module
Kraversky, D.G. Occupation-Based Pediatric Practice: A Practical Approach Pediatrics Cont. Ed Course
Krumm, K. Utilizing Graded Motor Imagery for Upper Limb Dysfunction Upper Extremity Cont. Ed Course
Lietzow, L. Tests and Measures Manual for Occupational Therapists in an Acute Hospital Setting General Rehab Manual
Lindsay, G.M. Promoting Participation Through the Integration of Video Modeling and Data-Driven Decision-Making in the School-Based Setting Pediatrics Cont. Ed Course
Lucht, S. Fostering Self-Efficacy in Combat-Injured Veterans through Community-Based Occupational Therapy General Rehab Program Proposal
Masker, K.A. Staying in Tune: A Prevention and Wellness Program Proposal for Musicians General Rehab Program Proposal
Mayer, K. Back to Basics: Rediscovering the Value of Play Pediatrics Cont. Ed Course
McDonald, C.A. Enhancing Student Attention in the Classroom: An Evidence-based Professional Development Workshop for Kindergarten Teachers General Rehab Amendment to a Law
McPhie, J.W. Nobody is Sleeping, What Do We Do? Behavioral Sleep Interventions for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders Pediatrics Cont. Ed Course
Mike, E. Blue University: A Support Program for Students with Autism Pediatrics Program Proposal
Milberger, A.I. A Measure of Eating Skills and Behaviors Pediatrics Content Proposal for new assessment tool
Miller, N.E. An Evidence-Based Business Plan for a Feeding Clinic Administration/ Leadership Business Plan
Moise, V. School to Life Academy: A Pilor Program Business Proposal Pediatrics Program Proposal
Morejon, E.O. Austism Get Your Moves (GYM) Pediatrics Program Proposal
Mott, C.R. An Occupational Therapy Pilot Program for the Primary Care Setting General Rehab Program Proposal
Murphy, N.A. Evidence-Based Practice Concordance: Occupational Therapy Education Standards, Entry-Level Curricula, and Professional Certification Education Manuscript for Publication
Nader, F. An Occupation-Centered Level II Fieldwork Syllabus for Master’s Degree Occupational Therapy Students Education Evidence-based Project
Olson, K.W. Teaching Novel Treatment Techniques in Hand Therapy to Improve Patient’s Participation in Occupation Upper Extremity Cont. Ed Course
Osborne, D.E. The Role of the Occupational Therapist in Response to Intervention Pediatrics Program Proposal
Patterson-Anslinger, G. Occupational Therapy’s Role in the Healthy Brain Initiative: Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease Geriatrics Manuscript for Publication
Price, A. The Role of Occupational Therapy in the Secondary Education Transition Planning Progress Pediatrics Cont. Ed Course
Rainelli, G. The PEARL: Occupation-based Social Skills Activities for Children with Emotional-Behavioral Disorders Mental Health Program Proposal
Raymond-Tolan, L. Executive Functioning, Attention and Motivation: Developing a “Tool-kit” for Child-Centered Practice Pediatrics Evidence-based project
Renshaw, J.K. Golden Apples: A Technology Enrichment Program for Community-Dwelling Older Adults Geriatrics Program Proposal
Robinson, P. Teacher’s Reflex Integration Curriculum (T-Rex)- Movement for the Primary Grades Pediatrics Program Proposal
Rodriguez, D. The Occupational Therapist’s Role in Hand Therapy: A Collaborative Approach to Health Care Success Upper Extremity Cont. Ed Course
Schaeffer, M. A Sensory Integration Intensive Treatment Program for an Outpatient Hospital Setting Pediatrics Program Proposal
Seiler, S.A. Parenting ABCs: Advancing Baby’s Capabilities Program Proposal for a Parenting Group Pediatrics Program Proposal
Six, H.A. The Classical Academy Charter Schools Motor Lab Manual Pediatrics Program Manual
Sonkowsky, T. Integrating Occupational Therapy in the Florence County Aging and Disability Resource Center Administration/ Leadership Program Proposal
Stephenson, S. Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Doctoral Experiential Component: Preparing Clinical Sites Education Program Proposal and Manual
Tanish, K. The Missing Piece: Incorporating Caregivers into Therapy Practice to Improve Quality of Life Geriatrics Cont. Ed Course
Thacker, J. Hand Therapy Residency Program Upper Extremity Program Proposal
Toreno, A.H. Proprioception Activities to Encourage Participation in Activities of Daily Living in Patients with Upper Extremity Orthopedic Injuries Upper Extremity Cont. Ed Course
Tucker-Roghi, G.C. The Abilities Care Approach®: An Online Traning Program for Occupational Therapy Students Education Cont. Ed Course
Turlo, A. Effects of Pain Management during Activities of Daily Living for Individuals with Dementia Geriatrics Case Report
Tutten, P. Occupational Therapy: Enhancing Worker Participation and Safety at Work Work & Health Program Proposal
Vaughan, A. Fieldwork Education in Community-Based Occupational Therapy Practice: An Experiential Opportunity Education Program Proposal
Wagner, J. An Evidence-Based Occupation Driven Educational Program on the Clinical Assessment of the Upper Extremity for General Medicine Practitioners Upper Extremity Cont. Ed Course
Webb, M.L. Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: Promoting Cognitive Health Amongst the African-American Population Geriatrics Cont. Ed Course

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