Author Title Year
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Cantu, Marisa Effects of Teaching Parents to Respond to Their Child’s Communicative Intents 2017
Heape, Amber Berry Effect of Structured Training on Graduate Student Self-Efficacy in Medical Settings 2016
La Bella, Renee Effect of Video Modeling with Picture Exchange Communication on Spontaneous Requesting in Children with Autism 2016
Lewis, Christine Richard Effect of Multiple Oppositions Approach on Intervention Progress for Speech Sound Disorders 2016
Means, Ebony Thompson Effect of Phonemic Awareness Training on Phonemic Awareness and Oral Reading Fluency 2016
Mentor, Kennetha Sheeti’La Effects of Spaced Retrieval Training and External Memory Aids on Individuals with Dysphagia and Dementia 2016
Parker, Elizabeth D Effect of the Earobics Computerized Literacy Program on Segmentation Performance in Young Children 2016
Peterson, Susie Bartolome Effect of Interactive Metronome on Understanding Spoken Language in Adults with Auditory Comprehension Impairments 2016
Rau, Elaine The Effect of Instruction Using the Expanding Expression Tool on the Number and Type of Attributes in Verbal Descriptions Produced by Children with Language Impairment 2016
Scott, Courtney G. The Effect of Real-Time Feedback Using a Smartwatch on the Clinical Behavior of Novice Student Clinicians 2016
Shigetomi-Toyama, Sandra C. The Effect of Rapid Syllable Transition Treatment on Childhood Apraxia of Speech 2016
Sims, Niqueka S. A Comparison of Traditional Phonetic Placement-Production in Electropalatograpy: Performance of School-Age Children with Persistent Speech Disorder 2016
Staley Sr., Carlos The Effects of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and Traditional Dysphagia Treatments on Swallow Initiation Times in Individuals with Oral-Pharyngeal Dysphagia Secondary to Stroke 2016


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